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Currently offered twice a month over Zoom, Mental Fitness Yoga is yoga at a slower pace, encouraging everyone to move their body while clearing their minds.



Yoga offers a multitude of benefits, far beyond simply improving our physical strength and flexibility. Its emphasis on purpuseful movements and use of breath to help guide the practice increases our awareness of present-moment experiences. We thus become more equipped to acknowledge and subsequently disengage with constant evaluative thinking, instead choosing to focus on the here and now.


Yoga also helps us truly relax by activating our parasympathetic nervous system. As we move through a practice becoming more engaged with the current moment, we are able to switch from our most common 'fight or flight' state of being, to 'rest and digest' mode.


Mental Fitness Yoga is a restorative form of yoga which aims to bring these and many other benefits to all participants.



We will be offering yoga classes accessible to all, regardless of starting fitness level. 

HOW - pricing structure is DONATION based, to allow fair access for those who need it most.

  • Cost is FREE for PROJECT:TALK Bristol Society PREMIUM Members

  • Suggested £1 minimum donation per session for PROJECT:TALK Bristol Society ESSENTIAL Members

  • Suggested £3 donation per session for members of the general public 

Class Schedule



Mental Fitness Books



This year, we will be going on a journey to feed our minds and free our minds, exploring little life lessons through both books and films.

Join us each month, as we read one book about little things we can do to increase our mental fitness, and watch a film which boosts our mood, makes us think, or just lets us have a break from our busy work schedules and have some chill time!

Stay posted for updates about how you can join in to feed and free your mind through reading, watching, and chatting with us!


How to Have a Great Life: 35 Surprisingly Simple ways to Success, Fulfilment and Happiness

In our new journey to feed our minds this year, we will be reading one book a month to give us some time to take for ourselves to chill out, and take a look at little things we can do to boost our mood. This month, the book we will be reading to help us increase our mental fitness is called ‘How to Have a Great Life: 35 Simple ways to Success, Fulfilment and Happiness’ by Paul McGee. Join us on our reading journey this month as we learn about little ways we can take time for ourselves, look at what we are already doing that is positive, and gain advice, tips and strategies on how to enhance the things we want to work on to become even better! 


This book is available as an e-book from Bristol University Library- simply use your Bristol login and type title into the search bar: then grab a snack, a cup of tea, and get reading!


Free access via:

1) Go on to the Bristol University Library Site or click 'free book' below

2) If You’re not automatically logged in, use your student username and passcode to access the site

3) Type the title into the search engine

4) Click on the book, and press the download ebook button

5) Grab a cuppa and get reading



Alternative access via:


If you would like to buy the book new it is available here


We are keen to build a network of Mental Fitness Books to remove cost barrier of engaging with our Feed Your Mind series - so if you are interested in borrowing a physical copy of this months book for free, please register your interest here: 



5 O' TALK - 13th FEB


Want to have a nice chat on Saturday afternoon? Maybe also eat a delicious sweet treat? Let’s have a relaxing afternoon and combine them both!
We are starting a new series of 5 O’TALK events which will focus on tea & cake! This month we are taking you on a chocolate adventure and introducing two easy recipes created by our Social Secretary Wiktoria, who brought them all the way from Poland! The first is a mug cake recipe and the second is chocolate muffins  - both of them can be made vegan!

Each month we will invite you to join us and share your favourite recipes, which may be featured for the next session!

This event aims to join the student community together to share our thoughts, talk about the highlights and lowlights of the week and bring some mood-boosting ideas! All of these are encouraged to be accompanied by a cup of tea and a treat - pure joy! You can’t miss our 5 O’TALK!


TOOLS TO:TALK Quickfire Series

A Quick-Fire Session event focusing on Type 1 Diabetes organised by TOOLS TO:TALK, introducing Aashna Kaura Bali, the President of the new University of Bristol Type 1 Diabetes Society. 


The event is accessible to all society members! 

Hi everyone! My name is Aashna, I’m a second-year medical student and President of the new University of Bristol Type 1 Diabetes Society. I am really passionate about building a community between people living with a life-long condition that can so easily be isolating. Whilst healthcare for diabetes is mainly focused on managing physical health, there is a huge emotional and mental impact on people living with or caring for someone with diabetes. Burnout, frustration, and mental health disorders are more likely to develop in people with diabetes and cyclically, these issues impact blood sugar management. Combatting the misconceptions around diabetes and raising awareness of these issues are essential.


Booking your place:

These training sessions are FREE to PROJECT:TALK Bristol Society Members - simple click 'Book Here' below .


TOOLS TO:TALK Quickfire Series

A Quick-Fire Session event focusing on Nightline organised by TOOLS TO:TALK.


The event is FREE & accessible to all society members! 

For most students, their time at university is a positive experience. However, sometimes it can be characterised by periods of stress, anxiety, loneliness and depression. Rising fees, academic pressures, an unstable pandemic environment, concerns about employability and a lack of academic and personal support can have impact on student mental wellbeing. Bristol Nighline is here to support university students giving them a safe space to talk about their feelings or whatever’s troubling them without the fear of being judged or ridiculed. If you want to find out more about how Nightline does that, how it all works behind the scenes and how volunteer’s mental health is influenced by being a part of Nightline, then come along to this even on 06.03.21 at 5pm.


Booking your place:

These training sessions are FREE to PROJECT:TALK Bristol Society Members - simple click 'Book Here' below .


TOOLS TO:TALK About Series

An exciting, exclusive opportunity to join one of our teams in charge of developing our new 'TOOLS TO:TALK About' series of training sessions!


These training sessions will explore a number of different themes linked to our mental fitness. They aim to give members of the community a range of tools, language and more confidence when supporting each other. They also help us better understand ourselves and build mental fitness leading to individuals better placed to navigate challenges they face and seize opportunities with which they are presented. 


At the heart of TOOLS TO:TALK is providing an opportunity for those with personal experience to educate their peers. Our sessions are developed with input from a wide range of people, including those with lived experience, experts and other passionate people. Your role will involve working with 3-4 others to follow our session design process, researching the topic, exploring your ideas and producing a valuable session and associated resources. Whilst your session development team will be led by one of the PROJECT:TALK team, there will be plenty of freedom to influence the direction of the training session and explore what you personally feel is really important. 


Session topics are as follows (exact topic too be decided by you!)


  • TOOLS TO:TALK About Anxiety (FULL)
    TOOLS TO:TALK About Addiction
    TOOLS TO:TALK About Grief and Loss
    TOOLS TO:TALK About Eating Disorders
    TOOLS TO:TALK About Race, Equality and Diversity

  • If you have an idea for your own session, please tell us via the form!

You'll become an expert in your session and hopefully see it delivered across the PROJECT:TALK community by your team and our Mental Fitness Instructors. You'll gain valuable skills whilst working with a passionate team to connect with the community as part of our mission to change the way we view mental health by pioneering mental fitness.


Time frame: Now until around May (approx. 2 hours per week), depending on how quickly your team work.


To apply, you must be a member of our PROJECT:TALK Bristol Society. To sign up for free or our premium membership, click:





Application link: 


Walk Your Mind


Join us each month to challenge yourself and discover the city of Bristol or your area wherever you are!

Walk Your Mind aims to combine physical activity with mental fitness, keeping our minds healthy during lockdown. 

There are 3 themed walks available, each with varying levels of duration to encourage participation for all.


This month's walks incorporate the most spectacular street art and parks the city of Bristol has to offer. For anyone currently outside of Bristol, we would love to challenge you with a scavenger hunt you can enjoy anywhere in the world! Show off your adventure on any social media platform with @projecttalkbristol and the hashtag #walkyourmind.


Mental Fitness Training Part I - An Introduction to Mental Health 18.02.21 17.30-19.00pm


This 90 minute session is designed to introduce participants to key concepts that underpin our understanding of mental health. We will introduce the idea of mental fitness and discuss the array of things that can challenge it. We will explore the importance of the language we use when supporting others, whilst facilitating conversation within the group thus providing a platform for us to learn from each other's unique experience. Participants should come away feeling a bit more comfortable when talking about mental health.  


Mental Fitness Training Part II - 8 Steps to Support a Mate 27.02.21 10-12pm


In collaboration with Speak Up, a society that aims to help people feel comfortable with public speaking, this session takes the form of an online discussion and scenario based session introducing our 8 steps to support a mate.Sometimes, all you need to do is listen, understand and let the conversation take you. But often, talking about mental health can feel daunting. That's why we've developed this session: to provide participants with a structure, hints and tips to fall back on should you need. In this special edition, Speak Up will use their expertise to help us put it all into practice and share some useful lessons, helping us all feel even more comfortable talking about mental fitness. 


Booking your place:

These training sessions are FREE to PROJECT:TALK Bristol Society PREMIUM Members - simple click 'Book Here' below .

For PROJECT:TALK Bristol Society ESSENTIAL Members  or other attendees we kindly ask for a £2 donation, to get your ticket:


1) Click 'Donate' follow instructions to donate

2) Then click 'Book Here' to confirm your place

A Zoom Meeting link will be emailed ahead of the session. 



PROJECT:TALK UoB Society Peer Support Scheme

We at PROJECT:TALK Bristol Society are offering 1:1 and group check in calls, from established UoB students, to fellow peers in need of a chat.

These calls will be friendly and relaxed; if you need an outlet to offload what you’re going through, or just fancy a chat with someone outside of your bubble, let us know via the following link and we will arrange for one of our volunteers to give you a call at a time that suits you. 

We've also teamed up with a number of peer-led support groups across the University that offer a free, relaxed way to support your mental fitness.




VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITY – 1:1 and group support for Bristol students in need of a chat during COVID-19 restrictions.

PROJECT:TALK Bristol Society is looking for student volunteers to make 1:1 phone calls to fellow students under quarantine or struggling with isolation due to the current COVID-19 restrictions placed upon them. These calls will be friendly and relaxed – we all know that sometimes it can just be really nice to have someone to talk to.

We believe it is now, more important than ever, to be proactive in our support for one another. We hope this initiative will provide students with a space to chat and make this tough time a little bit easier. 

By donating an hour or two a week, to suit your schedule you will be able to make a positive impact on the wellbeing of our peers. We will provide full training for the role accredited by PROJECT:TALK CIC, and ensure volunteers are well supported.


Certificates of service will be awarded to volunteers!

If you would like to get involved please follow the sign up link below, if you have any questions please email us on

Our appeal will raise money to support students whilst in lockdown. We will work with students involved, local experts and the University to determine the best form of support and are aware that this may change so our response will be dynamic. Over the next few days and weeks, we will be carrying out an analysis of need. These funds will allow us to do the very best we can to support these students, being proactive in the resources we provide whilst catering for those who need more formal support.


Being part of the PROJECT:TALK Bristol Society gives you access to:

  • Like-minded people who want to pioneer mental fitness. 

  • Monthly TOOLS TO:TALK sessions

  • The ability to train as a Mental Fitness Instructor 

  • Being part of the answer to COVID-19's isolation by becoming a Peer Supporter through our Peer Mentor Scheme.

  • Help plan PROJECT:TALK Society events, whether that's in Halls of Residence or for our BIG event for Mental Health Awareness Week in May 2021. 

  •  Access to apply for your own funding & mentoring to support your own mental fitness initiative 

  • Be part of a wider Mental Fitness community, joining in on socials and events such as Talk Club. 


TOOLS TO:TALK Coordinator
TOOLS TO:TALK Coordinator
Community Outreach Officer
Community Outreach Officer
Social Media & Marketing
Social Secretary
Events Organiser
Events Organiser
Events Organiser
Events Organiser
Interested in joining our UoB team? 


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