Currently offered twice a month over Zoom, Mental Fitness Yoga is yoga at a slower pace, encouraging everyone to move their body while clearing their minds. With recordings of each session available for 7 days thereafter to join in if you weren't able to attend the session live or re-watch again! 



Yoga offers a multitude of benefits, far beyond simply improving our physical strength and flexibility. Its emphasis on purpuseful movements and use of breath to help guide the practice increases our awareness of present-moment experiences. We thus become more equipped to acknowledge and subsequently disengage with constant evaluative thinking, instead choosing to focus on the here and now.


Yoga also helps us truly relax by activating our parasympathetic nervous system. As we move through a practice becoming more engaged with the current moment, we are able to switch from our most common 'fight or flight' state of being, to 'rest and digest' mode.


Mental Fitness Yoga is a restorative form of yoga which aims to bring these and many other benefits to all participants.



We will be offering yoga classes accessible to all, regardless of starting fitness level. 

HOW - pricing structure is DONATION based, to allow fair access for those who need it most.

  • Cost is FREE for PROJECT:TALK Bristol Society PREMIUM Members

  • Suggested £1 minimum donation per session for PROJECT:TALK Bristol Society ESSENTIAL Members

  • Suggested £3 donation per session for members of the general public 

Class Schedule

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