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TOOLS TO:TALK  provides a range of training sessions designed to provide community members with the relevant tools to start a conversation about mental health. 


We are a community interest company dedicated to building community mental fitness, established in 2020 by our founders George and Daisy, Medical Students from the University of Bristol, along with a fantastic team of students and graduates. We aim to achieve this through our projects WALK TO:TALK and TOOLS TO:TALK.


We pioneer mental fitness initiatives including mental health training and community events. The funds raised are channeled back into the community by funding mental fitness provisions selected by those who need it most. 



Our mission is to change the way we view mental health for good, having lasting and sustainable benefits, leading to communities that are aware, proactive, enabled and well-resourced when it comes to mental fitness and wellbeing. Not only will this allow us to better navigate challenges, but to better seize opportunities with which we are presented.


Our mental health has for too long had too many negative associations – typically, we have only looked at mental health in the context of mental illness. Only when things have begun to get on top of us have we started the journey to navigate through the challenges we face. At this point of desperation, things often seem overwhelming and a lack of resources have only added to the challenge. 


This simply should not be the case. We all experience mental health, and so, we should all be empowered, supported, inspired and equipped to own it. 



Our Vision is for PROJECT:TALK become a nationally recognised, economically sustainable and highly effective solution for organisations who wish to support mental fitness, including the mental health and wellbeing, of their community. 


‘Fundamental to mental fitness are the interactions between a community and the individuals within.’


According to an article in the International Journal of Wellbeing, mental fitness can be defined as “the modifiable capacity to utilise resources and skills to flexibly adapt to challenges or advantages, enabling thriving”. The key advantages of this concept are the fact that it is free from negative connotations associated with mental health and illness, understood by the wider community in a similar way to physical fitness and can be modified and improved. 


A high degree of mental fitness is associated with a reserve of skills and resources that can be readily utilised to navigate challenges and seize opportunity. 


At PROJECT:TALK, we believe that the interactions between a community and the individuals within are fundamental. It is not purely located in the individual and can be gained or lost depending on a variety of internal and external factors. If we define mental fitness as the individual, we risk ignoring a potential lack of support structure and response surrounding them.


The key to effective interaction between individuals is our ability to communicate. However, this isn’t always easy. We therefore build our activities around facilitating supportive, effective communication about what we all, as human beings, go through. 


What are the benefits?

We propose that optimisation of mental fitness leads to:​

  • Highly effective communities with increased productivity.

  • A greater sense of hope, enablement, and drive for change.

  • Individuals feeling more at ease and in a better position to seize opportunity.

  • Increased coping capacity, meaning higher tolerance of uncertainty and better response to challenges.






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