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As a project run entirely by a team of students and recent graduates, we depend on charitable donations to fund our work. Anything that you are able to donate to PROJECT:TALK will go a long way in supporting us and the communities that we help across the country.


Your kind donations will fund the development of TOOLS TO:TALK training packages, WALK TO:TALK events, and other PROJECT:TALK projects designed to bring communities together and facilitate positive, supportive conversation.


Any money not used to fund PROJECT:TALK campaigns is put towards developing mental health provisions in the communities with whom we work.


We have huge ambitions and huge plans, and are so grateful for your help in delivering important support to those who need it.


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Free therapeutic art sessions for students at University of Bristol experiencing grief and loss pioneered by Livvy Hawkins and the U.o.Bristol Grief, Terminal and Life-Threatening Illness Support Group


Have you experienced the death of someone close to you, or have someone close to you with a life-limiting illness?

We are starting a small art group for students like you, who have a shared experience of the grieving process, and want a space to relax and have fun with students who may share similar feelings to you.

Being led by two therapeutic creative arts students: this group is intended to be a safe place where you can come to take a break, play with art, and socialise, in a space where the shared experience of grieving provides a secure foundation to build a strong connection with others who may be going through similar things to you. The art activities will not be based around grief but will facilitate a relaxed space where people can feel comfortable to talk about anything related to their experiences that may arise during the session.

A variety of fun activities are planned for each week, allowing you to try different materials, helping you build a toolkit of methods that may support your overall wellbeing. We will each be working in sketchbooks, as a method of recording our activities through this course.

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Structured Physical Group Activity led by Leon Woodford | In development


How best can we utilise physical fitness to build our mental fitness. A project aimed at young adults to give them their own 'tool kit' to help them prepare themselves for possible challenges ahead. 

Read Leon's story here to understand his journey, and why he is so keen to make a change for the youth of today. 

Funded the development of 'Little Blue Booklets' for students at University of Bristol Medical School to centralise wellbeing information. 

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