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Switching the Lights on

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

My name is Leon Woodford – Woody to all except my mum, dad and little brother – and I have suffered from PTSD and depression for twenty-odd years.

I was diagnosed around 2-3 years ago after finally having the courage to talk about it to a therapist. Recently (after we got locked down out of nowhere) I was re-connected with a sport I used to compete at national and international level, through something that I can only call fate.

When people ask me, I explain it as someone switching my lights back on. By re-connecting with a time when I had complete belief and confidence in myself, I have been given a new lease of life and changed the path that I was walking on. Instead of sitting in the mud and wallowing in the darkness I now have something to #getupandmove and get fit for.

After all these years of trying to become an expert in myself, I have come to realise that – by getting up and giving actions the lead instead of thoughts – things can truly change. Be active; create small, achievable goals. A sense of fulfilment in your life can change your thought patterns and lead to amazing life changes. Not only will you help yourself, but you will help everyone in your life that you share your energy with.

I always tell people when they tell me that they don't have the energy or belief in themselves to #getupandmove. If you can't muster the energy yourself, lean on others that do.

With this newfound energy and motivation, I have decided to document my journey back into Motocross and getting fit to race again.

Along the way I will be going to meet up and ride with old friends and heroes I used to race with. Some of them have gone on to become British and world champions: some of the most influential riders in the sport still today. I'm going to find out what their stories have been over the past 22 years and share them with you. They are truly talented sportsmen and their experiences will 100% motivate and inspire people, and hopefully help them see the sunlight much more of the time.

On my journey, listening and learning from inspiring people has helped me navigate through the toughest times in my life. Like I said before, if you don't have the energy, lean on others that do. Fingers-crossed, this will be an ongoing documentary project we can apply to any sport at every level, creating awareness and funding for mental health and mental fitness.

We are currently looking for funding and any other help possible with this documentary, so if you’re interested in getting involved on any level, please do get in touch through any of my social media pages.

Come follow me on this journey and lean on me – let's see where it takes you.

It's a lifelong journey. Don't give up halfway through.

Leon Woodford, 41

If you would like to contact Leon, please feel free to do so via any of his social media pages. Instagram: @2shoesmusic Facebook:

If you would like to watch any of Leon’s #theroadtohappy vlogs, you can find them on YouTube via the following link:

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