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TOOLS TO:TALK About Series

An exciting, exclusive opportunity to join one of our teams in charge of developing our new 'TOOLS TO:TALK About' series of training sessions!


These training sessions will explore a number of different themes linked to our mental fitness. They aim to give members of the community a range of tools, language and more confidence when supporting each other. They also help us better understand ourselves and build mental fitness leading to individuals better placed to navigate challenges they face and seize opportunities with which they are presented. 


At the heart of TOOLS TO:TALK is providing an opportunity for those with personal experience to educate their peers. Our sessions are developed with input from a wide range of people, including those with lived experience, experts and other passionate people. Your role will involve working with 3-4 others to follow our session design process, researching the topic, exploring your ideas and producing a valuable session and associated resources. Whilst your session development team will be led by one of the PROJECT:TALK team, there will be plenty of freedom to influence the direction of the training session and explore what you personally feel is really important. 


Session topics are as follows (exact topic too be decided by you!)


  • TOOLS TO:TALK About Anxiety (FULL)
    TOOLS TO:TALK About Addiction
    TOOLS TO:TALK About Grief and Loss
    TOOLS TO:TALK About Eating Disorders
    TOOLS TO:TALK About Race, Equality and Diversity

  • If you have an idea for your own session, please tell us via the form!

You'll become an expert in your session and hopefully see it delivered across the PROJECT:TALK community by your team and our Mental Fitness Instructors. You'll gain valuable skills whilst working with a passionate team to connect with the community as part of our mission to change the way we view mental health by pioneering mental fitness.


Time frame: Now until around May (approx. 2 hours per week), depending on how quickly your team work.


To apply, you must be a member of our PROJECT:TALK Bristol Society. To sign up for free or our premium membership, click:





Application link: 

About series




TOOLS TO:TALK Quickfire Series

quick free speak up.jpg

A Quick-Fire Session event focusing on Speak Up organised by TOOLS TO:TALK.


The event is FREE & accessible to all society members! 

Hi, I'm Alice, the president of Speak Up, the public speaking society for people who don't like the spotlight! I founded the society this academic year because public speaking used to make me really anxious and lowered my self-confidence a lot. In my first year at university, I struggled to engage in seminar discussions and didn't engage much in societies because the thought of public speaking made me so anxious, which in turn lowered my self-esteem. But then I learnt that speaking up can be so empowering and actually be used as a tool to boost confidence! Since launching Speak Up, I've learnt how to project my voice with confidence, and actually use public speaking as a tool to help my confidence and self-esteem grow. It is now no longer a source of intense anxiety for me, and I want to share this with others. I want to teach people that public speaking can be used as a tool to improve self-esteem and mental health, rather than crush it. 20.03.21 at 5pm.


Booking your place:

These training sessions are FREE to PROJECT:TALK Bristol Society Members - simple click 'Book Here' below .



Screenshot 2021-02-20 at 17.23.39.png

A Quick-Fire Session event focusing on Nightline organised by TOOLS TO:TALK.


The event is FREE & accessible to all society members! 

For most students, their time at university is a positive experience. However, sometimes it can be characterised by periods of stress, anxiety, loneliness and depression. Rising fees, academic pressures, an unstable pandemic environment, concerns about employability and a lack of academic and personal support can have impact on student mental wellbeing. Bristol Nighline is here to support university students giving them a safe space to talk about their feelings or whatever’s troubling them without the fear of being judged or ridiculed. If you want to find out more about how Nightline does that, how it all works behind the scenes and how volunteer’s mental health is influenced by being a part of Nightline, then come along to this even on 06.03.21 at 5pm.

Quick Fire Facebook Event Diabetes.png

A Quick-Fire Session event focusing on Type 1 Diabetes organised by TOOLS TO:TALK, introducing Aashna Kaura Bali, the President of the new University of Bristol Type 1 Diabetes Society. 


The event is accessible to all society members! 

Hi everyone! My name is Aashna, I’m a second-year medical student and President of the new University of Bristol Type 1 Diabetes Society. I am really passionate about building a community between people living with a life-long condition that can so easily be isolating. Whilst healthcare for diabetes is mainly focused on managing physical health, there is a huge emotional and mental impact on people living with or caring for someone with diabetes. Burnout, frustration, and mental health disorders are more likely to develop in people with diabetes and cyclically, these issues impact blood sugar management. Combatting the misconceptions around diabetes and raising awareness of these issues are essential.


Mental Fitness Training Part I - An Introduction to Mental Health 18.02.21 17.30-19.00pm


This 90 minute session is designed to introduce participants to key concepts that underpin our understanding of mental health. We will introduce the idea of mental fitness and discuss the array of things that can challenge it. We will explore the importance of the language we use when supporting others, whilst facilitating conversation within the group thus providing a platform for us to learn from each other's unique experience. Participants should come away feeling a bit more comfortable when talking about mental health.  


Mental Fitness Training Part II - 8 Steps to Support a Mate 27.02.21 10-12pm


In collaboration with Speak Up, a society that aims to help people feel comfortable with public speaking, this session takes the form of an online discussion and scenario based session introducing our 8 steps to support a mate.Sometimes, all you need to do is listen, understand and let the conversation take you. But often, talking about mental health can feel daunting. That's why we've developed this session: to provide participants with a structure, hints and tips to fall back on should you need. In this special edition, Speak Up will use their expertise to help us put it all into practice and share some useful lessons, helping us all feel even more comfortable talking about mental fitness. 

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