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Post Covid Mental Health with Mike Armiger - Quick Fire Session

WHEN: Week 2, 12th May 7-8pm

“Children and young people are bearing the brunt of the mental health crisis caused by the pandemic”, the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ latest analysis has suggested.


But how exactly will the pandemic impact us and for how long? Is “post-pandemic stress disorder” a reality? And what can we actually do about it?


Join us for an informal and insightful chat about the impacts of the pandemic on our mental health with the legendary Mike Armiger, who works tirelessly supporting young people affected by trauma and emotional distress. This event is open to EVERYONE. 


A bit about Mike:


His work as a specialist advisor and educator in relation to trauma and mental health has been influential on suicide prevention strategy, as well as guiding university mental health provision and guidance used within many of our NHS Trusts nationally.

Mike also advises on creation of specialist care & education provisions, trains nationally and internationally and is the author of the Regulation framework - A whole school system and support planning framework for young people affected by trauma.


Aside from this, Mike has a love for Welsh rugby and is head coach for the United Bristol Hospitals RFC.

Questions can be submitted via padlet in advance of the session at

Dudes & Dogs Bristol Uni Q&A + Peer Support - Meet the team

WHEN: Week 2 , 7-8pm, 13th May

Find out what’s available to support your mental fitness at Bristol in this two part special!


From 7-7.30pm, we’ll be joined by Rob Osman, Founder of Dudes & Dogs to answer your questions about the mental fitness walks coming to Bristol Uni this May!


7.30-8pm is your chance to meet the team behind Bristol Uni’s fantastic peer support network. Led by PROJECT:TALK, we’ll hear about the 1:1 peer support scheme and from groups such as Talk Club, UoB Group for Grief and Terminal Illness and the Bristol SU Wellbeing Network

Men’s Mental Fitness Panel

WHEN: Week 2 - 8-9pm 13th May

As part of the PROJECT:TALK Mental Fitness Month and the Bristol Mental Wellbeing Festival join us for a discussion on Men’s Mental Fitness! 


It is very often that discussions about mental fitness are mostly led by women - let’s change that and make sure everyone gets a chance to be a part of this conversation. 


Our lovely panelists, Sam, Patrick, Liam and Charlie, will share stories regarding their mental fitness and answer your questions. 

Xander Van Der Poll | Quickfire Session

WHEN: Week 3, 7pm, 20th May

Join us on Thursday 20th May at 7pm for our QuickFire session with Xander Van der Poll. 


In 2018, Xander fell 8ft from a tree onto a protruding tree which shattered one of his spinal vertebra and lodged itself in his spinal cord. He had to spend 6 weeks lying flat in a hospital bed allowing the injury to heal and then adjust to life in a wheelchair due to paralysis of his legs. 


Xander has now returned to continue his degree in Medicine at Bristol Uni and has recently begun training for the Paralympic selections in rowing. 


Xander has been incredibly honest about his journey since his accident on his Instagram account six_weeks_in_bed and often mentions how family, friends and sports have helped him cope through the highs and lows. We can’t wait to speak to Xander and hope you will join us to hear more of his inspiring story!


LGBTQIA+ Around our World | Panel Session

WHEN: Week 4, 7pm, 27th May

This May the aim of PROJECT:TALK Mental Fitness Month is to see how mental fitness differs around the world. 


Our identity, experiences and support we receive all affect our mental fitness. That is why during this panel discussion we will explore the topic of how it differs to be LGBTQIA+ around the world! 


Our lovely panellists Pam, Benjamin, Krystof and Eliza will help us gain some insight into how it is to be LGBTQIA+ in different countries. 


We will try to find things in common, things that differ, things that have recently changes and so much more! 


Grab something nice to eat and drink and join us for this ultra interesting discussion on the 27th of May!

TOOLS TO:TALK Taster Workshop: TOOLS TO:TALK About Race & Culture

WHEN: Week 4, 7pm, 26th May

Join us on Wednesday 26th May at 7pm for a workshop on ‘Race, Culture and Mental Fitness’


This TOOLS TO:TALK taster session will discuss the impact of racism on mental health and provide participants with a set of tools for more confidence in having conversations about related issues. 


You’ll learn how understandings and perceptions of mental well-being can vary amongst different cultures and gain valuable training in the various ways of making sure everyone feels comfortable joining in conversations about mental fitness!

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