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Make your community a place where each and every person can thrive.


 Making Queen Mary University London a place where each and every person can thrive. 

QMUL's Mental Fitness Ambassadors seek to make support highly visible and more accessible at Queen Mary University London. Our 1:1 call scheme connects trained volunteers with students who could do with a chat, support or advice. The PROJECT:TALK QMUL Society serves as a supportive space connecting students from across the University in a mutual mission to change the way we view mental health by pioneering mental fitness.


Our proactive approach to mental fitness equips passionate students with the tools, language and confidence to support their peers and point them in the direction of the excellent resources our University and wider city has to offer as pioneering Mental Fitness Ambassadors.


Ultimately, PROJECT:TALK's Mental Fitness Ambassador Programme strives to make QMUL community a place where everyone can thrive

 So, what's on offer at QMUL? 

Our PROJECT:TALK QMUL Society is the epicenter of activity.


Membership gets students access to innovative mental fitness training, regular events and a great community connecting people over a mutual goal.



You can get involved at 


We also have an awesome team of volunteers providing 1:1 calls for those who could do with a chat!


Connect with us at 

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