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A big thank you from PROJECT:TALK for filling in the ARA survey. It truly helps us learn and understand the community around us and focus help and support where it is needed most. 

 Haven't completed the survey but would like to claim a free hot drink? Click the blue button to fill in the ARA survey so you can follow the steps below to earn yourself your free hot drink at Double Puc Cafe, Bristol! 


1. Once you have completed the survey please click the white 'Claim Hot Drink Here' button to enter your details and claim your free hot drink voucher. Your hot drink voucher will be emailed to you. 

2. If you haven't already, get your friends to scan the QR code, fill in the survey and go a claim your free hot drink together at Double Puc Cafe, Bristol.

3. Enjoy your free hot drink on PROJECT:TALK!

4. See T&Cs below! 


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T&Cs of the voucher:
1. Survey form must be submitted before claiming hot drink from Double Puc Cafe, Bristol 
2. The voucher is only valid for 1 x hot drink at Double Puc Cafe, Bristol, One Glass Wharf, 1 Glass Wharf, Bristol BS2 0ZX. 
3. It is only valid for 1 hot drink per person, per survey form. Once both your name and email have been registered you cannot complete the form again. If you select more tickets in the quantity, only 1 drink will be given per person, per individualised form.  
4. Anyone known to take advantage of the offer, and receive more than 1 free hot drink or submit the ARA survey multiple times will be reported to the University of Bristol. 


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What is addiction?

‘Not having control over doing, taking, or using something to the point where it could be harmful to you’ 

(NHS website 2015)


It’s often associated with gambling, drugs and alcohol, but not limited to these and it is possible to be addicted to just about anything including work, the internet or online shopping


According to the charity Action on Addiction, 1 in 3 people are addicted to something.

What causes addiction?

There are many reason why someone may develop an addiction including: 


  • The enjoyment they feel, both physically and mentally from doing, taking or using something that creates a powerful urge to do it again which develops into a habit

  • Emotional avoidance

  • Environmental, financial or social factors

  • Personal or genetic history

Early warning signs of addiction?

There are many reason why someone may develop an addiction including: 


  • Lack of control, or inability to stay away from substance or behaviour

  • Reduced socialising or lack of interest in usual hobbies, interests or education

  • Needing to do it more and more to satisfy a craving and achieve the "high”

  • Personality or mood changes

  • Problems sleeping or fatigue

  • Lying or crime

  • Ignoring the negative consequences such as poor physical or mental health

If you feel you may need help with any of the above concerns, there are organisations across Bristol that can help provide support for addictions including:


Alcohol and Drugs



If you need immediate support contact the National Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133. 

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