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This isn't just any Results Day

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

I remember the day I opened my results. I remember not seeing what I expected. I remember the cascade of emotions that followed: the shame, embarrassment, desperation, relief, excitement and pretty much everything else in between.

Firstly, let me say well done.

Well done no matter what grades you’ve received today. You’ve made it through a roller coaster of a year that no one anticipated, you’ve done yourself proud. That I know. I also know nothing I can say will change the emotions you’re feeling right now, but I do promise whether you’re nervous that you’re now off to university or disappointed that your plan has changed, after this emotion passes there is very much greener grass on the other side.

I can imagine there is a group of you who feel absolutely elated. Everything you’ve wanted has finally arrived. It’s been a long, hot, confusing summer, but we’ve made it; we have some certainty now, and that will help us relax and prepare for our next steps.

I can imagine there is another batch of people who are feeling lucky. You’re in, but you can’t help but wonder if you deserve it. You didn’t sit the exam or do the all-nighters. You’ve beaten the system.

And then there are those who feel cheated. You were ready to work hard and prove yourself, and that opportunity was taken away from you. It isn’t fair. This year is hard, it’s like no other and no one can understand that other than you. For the record I hand on heart do not believe that the construction and execution of A levels portrays your ability.

These are all valid thoughts. But they do not define you.

No matter the route you will take, it will inevitably be the correct one for you. A small piece of advice I was once given and that I've never let go of is this:

'You can only control the actions you take and the choices you make. Allowing yourself to be anxious about anything beyond your control is not something you should allow yourself to spend too much time doing.'

It’s hard not to, sometimes, but it’s in those moments that we should ground ourselves and remember to be proud.

Clo x

Chloe Parsons, PROJECT:TALK Outreach Manager

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