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PROJECT:TALK are attending ValleyFest 2021 alongside Dudes & Dogs from 29th July -1st Aug. Have you seen us at our tent and want to know more information?

Here are a few key points but feel free to look round our website or email us at for more information or fill out our form if you are interested in PROJECT:TALK! 


  • Who We Are

  • Get involved with PROJECT:TALK & Mental Fitness Ambassador Programme

  • PROJECT:TALK x Dudes & Dogs | Universities 

  • Tips on how to support a mate


PROJECT:TALK: We are non-profit MENTAL FITNESS organisation on a mission to change the way we view mental health by pioneering mental fitness in communities across the UK.

Mental fitness is like physical fitness. By proactively preparing our minds with the resources it will need when it's under stress, as you would physically train your body when preparing for a marathon, we are better able to navigate difficult situations when they arise or seize opportunities presented to us. One of the most pertinent contributing factors to our mental fitness is the support network and resources that surround each one of us. It is here that we focus our work.

We are well on our way towards achieving this goal, enacting change through our training programmes, community events, campaigns and schemes. We also have a growing network of UK university societies who are helping us to achieve our mission within both universities and their local communities.


As a non-profit all of our team members are volunteers and we use our profits from fundraising to fund passionately led mental fitness initiatives in the communities with whom we work.
Find out more about donating and our funding here.


Would you like help to pioneer mental fitness in your school, college or university? 
PROJECT:TALK are lauching our new Mental Fitness Ambassador training programme to help you gain confidence and understanding in supporting your peers and the wider community.

What are the sorts of things included in the Mental Fitness Ambassador Training? 




  • Understanding what Mental Fitness is & why it is important 

  • TOOLS TO:TALK Training Sessions eg our About Series: Anxiety, Race & Culture, and LGBTQAI+. 

  • Access to WALK TO:TALK events raising awareness and funding to help tackle stigma.

  • Developing skills and volunteering opportunities in the community through our group work and training sessions which look brilliant on your CV!

  • Leadership opportunities on events, panels, talks and more..

  • Opportunity to have your ideas heard and make real change in your community with the option to apply for PROJECT:TALK grants to make your Mental Fitness ideas into reality.


For more infomation and to register your interest of being a Mental Fitness Ambassador or to bring it to your insitution please fill out this form.


PROJECT:TALK are working with Dudes & Dogs to show every man in every corner of every University that it's not just OK to talk, it's vitality important. Dudes & Dogs walks provide a space in the outdoors to work on your mental fitness, get things off your chest and feel heard. We're searching for students to help lead walks where they are. Up for it?

Fill out our form



At PROJECT:TALK, we know how tough it can be to support a friend going through a difficult time.


If you're worried about a mate, there's no harm in checking in. Follow our four simple steps for a life saving conversation.


You alright mate? How's everything with you? How's your week been? Sleep ok? Find your way to ask.


Space to vent, get it off the chest. "mm, yeah, ok, I hear you. That sounds s***." It's nice to feel heard.


"That sounds tough, Thanks for sharing that with me." Use "human" emotions, like heavy or overwhelming. Try not to sound shocked.

 4. PLAN 

What's next...? "What can I do best to support you right now?". "I'm hopeful that we can work through this together. Shall we catch up tomorrow?". Make a GP appointment.

It's ok to ask directly - 'have you had thoughts of taking your own life?', 'do you feel safe at the moment?'.

Call SP Bristol’s ASSIST line 24/7 on 0800 689 5652 for support.

Someone is always listening.

Visit for help staying safe.


In an emergency, always call 999.

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