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We hope you enjoy exploring the vibrant, unique and beautiful City that is Bristol, and whilst you're walking, we really encourage you to talk to each other! Use this as an opportunity to ask those you’ve brought with you how they are and what they’re up to. Talking to someone you trust is the best way to cope with any difficulties you’re experiencing, and having a friend ask how you are can provide a much-needed outlet to someone who needs it. In some cases, it can even save lives.

You can take part in the City Half Marathon Walk any day during the Welcome Period (28th Sept - 25th Oct). 



1) Purchase a SMALLTALK ticket which gives you access to our directed walk. This has been specially planned to take you around the highlights of Bristol.

2) You can start at whichever Checkpoint  (A-H) is closest to your current location and follow the route in a loop. You can access written directions on a pdf here or at the bottom of this page, following the embedded map above, as well as looking out for the PROJECT:TALK City Route Signage that is shown below.

3) Use the QR codes on the Checkpoint signs to be given the location/ postcode of the next checkpoint, Best of Bristol location information, as well as each step of the '8 Steps to Help a Mate'. 

4) If you are really lost you can use Google Maps and the postcodes given to direct you.


5) Please comply with current COVID restrictions when deciding the walking group size.




We want participants to have the best walk possible, which relies on being prepared. Please bring with you any clothes, food, drink, equipment or aids that you would normally take for a long duration walk, being prepared for all weathers

Make sure your phone has plenty of charge or you bring a portable charger along! 


Send in photos and updates along your journey via your Enthuse Fundraising Page as well as tagging us in social media @PROJECTTALKCIC, the PROJECT:TALK team alongside members of Staff from the University of Bristol will award some of the best quotes, photos and highest amount fundraising from the City Route Walk prizes. Up for grabs are 20 x  FREE MONTH-LONG ACTIVE + GYM PASS, SMALLTALK STASH and other UoB Merchandise. 


Challenge yourself, see how much money you can raise for Student Mental Health. In the current COVID climate,  there is has been no greater time to get involved. With online lectures and fewer face to face points of contact, it is more important than ever that we put student mental health first. Here at PROJECT:TALK we are dedicated to helping communities improve their mental fitness, and any money raised goes into supporting mental fitness initiatives


You can create your fundraising page through enthuse, the ticket provider. Here you can set your target goal, share via email or social media as well as integrate STRAVA to track and log your walk.


If you have any further questions about fundraising, please email  




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