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This year, we will be going on a journey to feed our minds and free our minds, exploring little life lessons through both books and films.

Join us each month, as we read one book about little things we can do to increase our mental fitness, and watch a film which boosts our mood, makes us think, or just lets us have a break from our busy work schedules and have some chill time!

Stay posted for updates about how you can join in to feed and free your mind through reading, watching, and chatting with us!


This month, we’re continuing on our journey to feed our minds with Clare Pooley’s book ‘The Authenticity Project’. This story follows the friendships made when six strangers write down the truth about the high and low points in their lives, and find strength and friendship together. We hope you’ll join us in reading this feel-good fiction which is perfect for remembering it’s ok to embrace both the high and low points in our lives!

This book is available as a free pdf, so it’s easy to read online! However, if you would like a physical copy, remember it’s easy to fill out our form on google docs too, so it’s even easier to get reading!


FEBRUARY | Mental Fitness Book


How to Have a Great Life: 35 Surprisingly Simple ways to Success, Fulfilment and Happiness

In our new journey to feed our minds this year, we will be reading one book a month to give us some time to take for ourselves to chill out, and take a look at little things we can do to boost our mood. This month, the book we will be reading to help us increase our mental fitness is called ‘How to Have a Great Life: 35 Simple ways to Success, Fulfilment and Happiness’ by Paul McGee. Join us on our reading journey this month as we learn about little ways we can take time for ourselves, look at what we are already doing that is positive, and gain advice, tips and strategies on how to enhance the things we want to work on to become even better! 


This book is available as an e-book from Bristol University Library- simply use your Bristol login and type title into the search bar: then grab a snack, a cup of tea, and get reading!



Free access via:

1) Go on to the Bristol University Library Site or click 'free book' below

2) If You’re not automatically logged in, use your student username and passcode to access the site

3) Type the title into the search engine

4) Click on the book, and press the download ebook button

5) Grab a cuppa and get reading

Alternative access via:


If you would like to buy the book new it is available here

We are keen to build a network of Mental Fitness Books to remove cost barrier of engaging with our Feed Your Mind series - so if you are interested in borrowing a physical copy of this months book for free, please register your interest here


We’re kicking off our journey to free our minds through film by watching ‘The Theory of Everything’. This film follows the journey of Stephen Hawking, and the incredible things he overcomes and achieves. We love the little messages in this film of being resilient, staying positive, and seeing all the great things that life has to offer!


Join us on Sunday 28th of February at 6:30 pm as we grab some of our favourite snacks, drinks, and come together to free our minds through film!


Link to the website HERE

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